Words with Special Meaning

Paths Briefly Crossing

by Peggy Stoks, RN

Too many of you have passed through my hands
Over the years
Passing, passing, paths briefly crossing
On your way from here to there
Your brief little lives woven together for a purpose
Only our Creator shall know
And we can only guess at
If we can see past the pain to do any guessing at all
But I know, sweet little ones, your lives did have purpose
As did your deaths
I rest in that; I trust in that
All the while tears stream down my face
And I, too, ask
“Why must this be so?”
So I pause for a time to hold you, to admire you,
To love you for a moment as if you were my own
I press a little Kiss upon your brow
And say a prayer
Filled with sorrow for how your family will miss yo
And how the world will never know you
Enough! I tell myself
Don’t do this anymore!
But I will
Yes, I must
Because, amidst the suffering
There is a peace
A calm, hushed stillness
that I cannot explain
Slowly and gently my troubled heart is soothed
Until I am restored
And I am ready
For the next one of you to pass through my hands

An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth.