Mother of a Still Born

Although my child’s spirit was not in her body when she was born,
my beautiful child still was born.
Still was born into a loving family.
Still was born into the hearts of many.
Still was born into the Kingdom of God.
Don’t shed any tears for me, her mother, unless they are tears of joy.
I am happy. My gain completely outweighs any loss I am feeling.
I have gained a beautiful daughter named Jaden whose spirit is alive and well.
Any loss I have is that of hopes, dreams and expectations of this world
all of which are of my mind and not tangible,
Unlike the very real daughter I have in Heaven, my fourth child.
Someone told me that God operates in the present, not the past or future and
what is real is in the present.
When I feel my empty womb I do not think about what could have been on earth
but of what is already in Heaven.
The time we will be apart will be like the blink of an eye compared to the
eternity we will spend together in Heaven and eventually on the “new earth”
again, so when you think of me or Jaden, rejoice!
We are rejoicing!
Jaden will never know hurt or sorrow or sin.
Her purpose on earth was completed while still in my womb.
I do not feel like my child’s life was stolen from me by disease or by Satan.
I do not feel like my hopes and dreams are shattered but that they are
fulfilled, just in a different way.
My hopes and dreams for the future are held in our eternity together.
Her life is complete.
God says…”It is finished”

Lovingly written by Kelly Moore

An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth.