Celebration of Angels 2018

It’s close to here!!! Celebration of Angels 2018, with so many new individuals and families as members, plus several new babies in our ‘baby community’. People share with me that it gives them such peace to know that their loved one shares space with other babies, that they are remembered daily, that all of the gardens appear so ‘intentional’ and that they can come and hang or visit or have a memorial (or picnic) and are realizing that this is their garden space.
So much is going on, and I admit (again) that tending to the updating of the GSA web site is something I do when I remember it really should be done. Otherwise it appears that nobody is ‘minding the farm’ so to speak. Not true at all….there is way too much going on to go into, so I’d rather see you here and fill you in in person.
I recently put some of our pampas grasses on NextDoor, a site where neighbors can buy, sell, request services etc. Anyway, the grasses were overtaking the rest of the gardens so I invited people to come and dig. Little did I know what doors would open once I hit ‘send’ on that post!!! I’ve met so many new people ~ mostly close by ~ and many shared that they had experienced loss themselves. The grasses are a piece of the Garden of the Sleeping Angels not only for people to take home and plant, but as a daily visual reminder that love is ever present, that there is always somebody who cares and truly does want to hear your story and hold you when you cry (or just ‘be’), but to remember to say your heart, that to share is such a gift to others.

For those who didn’t know: the Gardens were featured on KARE11 on December 28, 2017 on their Breaking the News segment with Lindsey Seifert. So well done….to be honest I had no idea which ‘me’ was going to be on t.v….the confident me, the introspective, shy me, the passionate me or all of those. I think that my part of the segment was very true to me. I love what we’re doing here, I love reaching out and hearing from families, having people stop by randomly and seeing us as we really are…always in process and often a bit untidy, in our physical beings and gardens.

The Gardens have taught me that impressions matter only in that people must feel comfortable and welcome here, hopefully overlooking that the Gardens are on private property but don’t feel like ours any longer except as care takers. My husband Tom has been amazing, finding his welcoming, involved and interested self as we’ve learned what God has in mind for our Legacy to become. We check in routinely; are we on the path that will serve people? Are we supportive and welcoming always? Do people feel peace, grace and love when they walk through the gardens? As an aside: I have a new horse, Natasha, who seemed to be having a bit of difficulty relaxing in her new setting, so I asked a ‘horse communicator’ to come see her. I usually don’t believe in stuff like that, but thinking ‘why not try’ I went ahead. Turns out Natasha actually does like it here (in her words through the communicator, she feels mainly ‘grace’ here, which she never felt in her other two homes). Her anxiety evidently came from ‘creatures’ that come out at night in the woods that she’s never seen before. I loved that even a horse senses our purpose, and for that we’re forever grateful.

Time to get outside and continue planting and tidying up for those of you coming to share our slice of Heaven for over ninety beloved little ones to be celebrated on June 24. See you then!!

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An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth.