So much time has elapsed since my first blog. With that, so many changes in the plan for the Garden~its place within the hearts of parents who have lost infants and for those who care for those individuals. Primarily, I realize that if I keep any thoughts of ‘me’ in the plan, little transpires. But, when I step back and let God do His work, amazing things transpire. This Garden must be about healing, reflection, grieving and remembering (in whatever order that happens for people). For me personally it feels so incredibly alive~not only in the physical aspect of lush colors and textures, but spiritually uplifting and ‘other-worldly’. As I tended to it during last year’s growing season I noted a comforting Presence within. Whereas weeding, planning and caring for the other gardens on the property became overwhelming and sometimes frustrating, the same ‘work’ in the Garden of the Sleeping Angels brought peace and tranquility.

To proclaim that the Garden is actually meant to be a place to remember our babies, I made the decision to memorialize those babies that specifically touched my heart. I found a web site that offered personalized memorial garden stakes, so ordered a couple to remember those precious little ones. The memorials placed in the Garden seemed to give it even more life and intention. With that I’ve been blessed to ‘coincidentally’ meet other, like-minded people who have a heart for this difficult passion in life~that of working with and supporting people who have lost babies. I’ve recently been in contact with Nina Guertin, whose ceramic angels ~texture, color and shape~ are so befitting those memories. Visit her web site at

A few months’ back, one mother whose infant son Benjamin is memorialized, sent me a note of gratitude, stating that just knowing that Benjamin’s name is within the Garden gives her solace~that someone besides her will whisper his name.

This upcoming season offers promise!

  1. Shasta McLaughlin
    Shasta McLaughlin09-26-2016

    Hi, we’ve lost 3 babies and were wondering how to get our babies names included in the garden?

    • Nancy Sawyer
      Nancy Sawyer09-28-2016

      Shasta: First of all, I want to extend my sincerest sympathy for your losses. We would be honored to memorialize these little ones. Please email me at (easier to access)
      with details (names and dates, if you wish). I’ll connect with the woman who creates the ceramic angels (Nina Guertin at4AngelsCreations) and give her the information. There is no
      charge to you. Please give me your address also, so I can send some information off to you. You can also reach me at 612-986-3737. Sending love and blessings, Nancy

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An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth.