So much is becoming clear

I must quit apologizing for not updating my blog. The Gardens have been busier than usual, with Open Gardens almost every weekend, and people requesting to stop by during the week. The upkeep of the Gardens, and communication with people interest in visiting is a priority, and takes time that would otherwise be spent updating the blog and Garden site.

I find that I’m less preoccupied with how everything looks (thus my prior reluctance to ‘open’ up the Gardens to the public). Now that I’ve settled down to being less concerned about appearances and more aware of purpose I’m able to let the Gardens speak for themselves. Once I’ve introduced an individual and their family to the Garden layout, including a brief explanation of why/how this came to fruition, I encourage visitors to wander and absorb the peace. Focus on purpose is so freeing for me personally, and as I visit the little angel memorials daily and come across a random statue or symbol that a family has left with their angel, I get chills! Visitors seem to leave a piece of themselves with their babies.

I’m pretty active on the Facebook update site, but realize that I’m leaving out so many individuals who would otherwise wish to visit. I welcome any feedback regarding outreach!

I’m gradually able to get the word out in terms of availability to all. Frankly, I was a bit reluctant to publish information in major media publications, but am gradually letting go of my fear of getting overwhelmed with individuals who might not understand our true purpose. We always want to appear welcoming, serene and healing. To that end we’ve received feedback that our intent is obvious, so to continue as we are.
My biggest drawback as the ‘president and CEO’ of this non-profit is an extreme (and I’m not exaggerating) anxiety around fund raising. I’m procrastinating on this and will try to get into overdrive before our Garden update publication, due before October, which is infant loss month. (Notice I said ‘try’!).

Thank you for your interest and support. Special thanks to Nina Guertin, who individualizes and recognizes each angel baby with a special ceramic angel, and to Mona Hawkinson, my amazing garden upkeep friend!

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An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth.